afterhours 2/15

19 02 2009

As we continued in James, specifically James 2:14-22,  Pastor Josh Galgan challenged us further in what it means to live as a Christ follower.

He gave the scenario we have all encountered, the non-believer who has a disdain for the church and God because of things they see as not “right” in our Christian culture.  The hypocrisy, the judgment, the hurt they’ve experienced all instead of the love they should have received.  We are faced with their question of “why do I want to enter this faith if I don’t want to be like you, a Christ follower?”

James wants us to live the reality of our faith through a changed life.  Josh went took it a step further to explain that works justify our faith to man.  How we act demonstrates that we are different.   His hope for us is that we live out James 2:22 in our lives.

As you continue through this week think of ways you demonstrate your faith.  Leave us some of your experiences.

Also, don’t forget to join us Sunday for our Homeless Outreach, (we meet at 4 to prepare sack lunches and head downtown around 6:30) and continuation of our journey through James with Pastor Jonathan Stroud.


After Hours 2/8

11 02 2009

We were blessed to have guest speaker Justin Powell give his insight on the book of James this last week.   Honing in on James 2:1-13, Justin challenged us to find Jesus in the “least of these” and to check our prejudices, even when it comes to new believers.

He also shared this video with us:

Looking for a way to apply this to your life?

  • Justin prepared follow up questions.  Leave a comment and we’ll email them to you.
  • Love, feed, and clothe “the least of these” at our monthly homeless outreach on 22 February.

Also, don’t forget to join us next week as we continue in the book of James.

Uprising Bowl-A-Rama!

3 01 2009

Saturday, January 3rd is the day of Uprising’s first ever Bowl-A-Rama! It is at the Milwaukie Bowl (map) from 7-10PM. Bring your $7 and enjoy three hours of bolwing plus shoe rental!

We’re accepting late registration. Leave a comment here if you’re going to join the fun so we can make sure there’s a lane and team for you.

What are you looking for?

22 09 2008

Last night, we continued our study of the questions Jesus asks us in Matthew 11:1-19. We talked about the things for, what John’s disciples were searching for, and what Jesus says we should seek (Matthew 6:33). Let us know what you think about the passage and about your searching in a comment.

What makes you different?

7 09 2008

Tonight we began a series about questions that Jesus asks us, beginning with, “What makes you different?” We read from the opening chapter of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:43-48). If you have any thought on this questions or passage, let us know by writing a comment.

Serving those we love. And loving those we serve.

28 04 2008

Well, if you weren’t one of the 11 uprisers that ventured downtown this last weekend, we definitely missed you and we would all cheer in joyous jubilation if you decided to join us on the next adventure.

So, as you know, once a month, we make pb&j sandwhiches. Once every month we bag those lovingly made sandwiches in with other nutritious (and non-nutritious) goodies. Once a month we pull together donated clothing, soaps, shampoos, lotions. We fill large containers with coffee and hot chocolate (soon to be water). And we jam-pack everything (including ourselves) in the Long Van and head downtown. We do this once a month, every month. And we’re getting quite good at this routine, if you ask me.

So, I my question is how can we take what we’re already doing a step further? How can we really show those we meet that we genuinely care for them and love them? and what would it mean to do that more than once a month?

On Saturday after our trek, Steve Long did a wonderful job of challenging us to engage in prayer with others. He talked to us about people’s hearts: How we are crippled in the fact that we cannot know the state of another’s heart. But the great thing is that God does. God knew the heart of His people Israel. Despite their actions of idolatry, despite their circumstance, He knew their hearts and He heard their cries for change. When we engage in prayer with others, we have the priveledge to ask God to hear the cry of His people. And we have the opportunity to tell that person, who truly wants change, to cry out to their God and if their heart is genuine, He will hear them.

If any of you eleven uprisers have stories to tell from Saturday, we would love to hear them. And if any of you have any thoughts at all on this post, we would love to hear them too.

September 15th AfterHours Reflection (Acts 6)

20 09 2007

On Sunday night, we started out by looking at John’s account of when Jesus washed the disciples feet. Randy pointed out that Jesus demonstrated his love in action, not in words, and then goes on to call his disciples to do the same. We continued with the theme of serving others as we studied Acts 6.

The chapter began with a familiar statement: “the number of disciples was increasing” (vs. 1). We see that there was dissension between two groups of (culturally) Jewish Christians about the way that donated money was being distributed (vs. 1). We see that the disciples knew it was best for them to continue teaching and appoint others to oversee the organizational details (vs. 2-3). Randy told emphasized that sometimes we just need to get rid of the distractions in our lives in order to complete the work God has placed before us.

Among the seven men who were deemed to be full of the Spirit and wisdom, Stephen was the first selected (vs. 5). We know that Stephen began by serving faithfully with these lesser tasks, but we see that he eventually began to do wonders and miracles (vs. 8). Opposition quickly followed (vs. 8-9). Randy pointed out that our enemy often stirs up trouble when we are serving God. The Jewish leaders gathered witnesses to give false testimony, saying that Stephen was guilty of blasphemy (vs. 11), just as they had with Jesus. When Stephen was brought before the Sanhedrin, his face glowed “like an angel.” Tune back in this Sunday for more about Stephen’s story.

If you have any thoughts, leave a comment.